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What makes SYK IB special?

Experienced teachers

All IB teachers at SYK are highly qualified experts with Master’s degrees, some even hold doctoral degrees. Many SYK teachers have been IB examiners or IB workshop leaders and have written textbooks. SYK IB students are therefore learning from teachers who know the progamme and who genuinly want their students to succeed. For those students who are highly motivated to join the rigorous but gratifying programme, SYK offers you great teachers and a stimulating learning environment, with 30 years of experience in delivering IB education.

Individual and supportive teaching

At SYK IB teachers know each student and group sizes are relatively small. Students will benefit from individual teaching, great atmosphere, and the positive relationships they have with their teachers and peers!

Course offerings

SYK IB offers a wide range of courses to meet the needs of our students.


Join our debate club, the choir, the arts club, go for a swim in the swimming hall, or start a club of your own for CAS! In recent years students have been active in organizing clubs such as the trading club, book club, math club, MUN, TedEd club, environmental club and the chess club. SYK also has a separate music school.

Results and further studies

SYK’s IB results are consistently above the worldwide average. SYK IB students achieve outstanding results. The average score of our graduates from the past 10 graduating classes is circa 37 out of 45, which places us among the top IB schools in the world. The worldwide average is at around 30.

Of our IB graduates virtually everyone plans to pursue studies at university level in Finland and abroad. Year after year SYK IB graduates have gained admission to competitive universities across the globe: Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Imperial College, Karolinska Institutet,

Harvard, Princeton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, Yale, Duke, UCLA (California), University of Helsinki, Aalto University, and other prestigious universities.